Bust Your IBS and be healthy in 2019!
The most comprehensive IBS coaching program 
is now available as a self-study!
How many holidays have you dreaded 
because of your Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
Embarrassing symptoms, not being able to eat the food, relatives being sympathetic but not truly understanding you?
This year will be different.
The newly-launched Conquer IBS, Reignite Your Life! self-study program will start you on the path to an IBS-free life, so you can actually breathe and enjoy the time spent with loved ones this holiday season!
Understand YOUR specific IBS story, because each experience is different.
Learn from a healthcare practitioner who's struggled with IBS and conquered it too!
Follow a step-by-step system to guide you from IBS-struggle to IBS-free.
End your IBS journey and get your life back so you can be the amazing person you're meant to be!
Listen...I hear SO many stories about how IBS has taken over your lives: constant pain and bloating, always running to the bathroom, extra changes of clothes, social embarrassment, paralysing anxiety before leaving the house...

Living with IBS can change your life so drastically that sometimes you completely lose sight of who you are anymore.

You may feel like you've tried EVERYTHING, seen all the doctors, tried all the meds, the supplements and all the diets and NOTHING HELPED, and I hear you. I had the same experience when I was diagnosed with IBS and GERD in university. I was told that there was no cure and that I'd be stuck like that for the rest of my life...

But the thing is, they were wrong.

I've been IBS-free for 15 years now, and with my coaching program Conquer IBS, Reignite Your Life! I've been helping my clients end their IBS journeys too!
If we live IBS-free lives, so can you!

This will be the best present
you ever gift yourself.
No matter how long you've struggled with IBS, this will change your story.
In one month, you'll understand your IBS in a way you never have before.
In two months, you'll trust your gut and know how to feed it.
In three months, your stress levels will lower and you'll feel more like yourself.
And in a short six months, you'll be armed with everything you need to reclaim your life and stay IBS-free!

Here's how it works
  •  You enrol in the self-study program, and gain lifetime access to the program membership site.
  •  Over the next six months you get an email notification every week giving you access to a new video lesson and PDF worksheets. Each lesson is no more than 15 minutes long, and teaches you an essential tool to move you one step further toward IBS freedom.
  • There are recommended smartphone tools to help you easily integrate new habits into your daily routine.
  •  There are NO supplement, medication or additional therapy recommendations. I strongly believe in holistic and intuitive healing and this program is a one-stop shop for your IBS, so I recommend that you complete it on its own instead of in combination with other things. 
Here's WHY it works
The Conquer IBS, Reignite Your Life program is a step-by-step system that's designed to bring you back to a whole state of permanent health by strengthening your physical, mental, and emotional healing, one lesson at a time. 

IBS is not just a digestive condition: from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, it's a combination of an already weak gut + mental/emotional stress. Without addressing both sides, you can never fully put IBS behind you. 

In my own IBS journey I felt lost, confused and overwhelmed, because there was no help out there to teach me how to get better. 

The CIRYL program is way more than nutritional guidance: it leads you through the journey from IBS symptom management, to IBS diet and nutrition, to stress reduction and emotional resilience, to holistic health mindset and finally to IBS-free celebration!

There's no other program like this. And there's no expert more committed to ending your IBS journey than me, because I've been there, I know how painful it is and I know what it's like to come through the other side and live completely IBS free!
There's no other program like this.
Let’s break it down.
Here's your roadmap to IBS freedom:
  • Module 0: Intention-setting (1 week)
  • Module 1: Understanding and managing your flareups (4 weeks)
  • Module 2: Improving your digestion (4 weeks)
  • Module 3: Managing your stress (4 weeks)
  • Module 4: Progress Check-in & learning reinforcement (1 week)
  • Module 5: Improving your sleep (2 weeks)
  • Module 6: Self-love & self-care (3 weeks)
  • Module 7: Positive emotional mindset (3 weeks)
  • Module 8: Upleveling happiness (2 weeks)
This is not a symptom-management program: you are meant to truly get better.

Enrol from this page and you'll get
these additional bonuses:
  • Facebook community: Have support and accountability with other self-study community members, and member access to my Facebook Lives.
  • Downloadable meditation album: Get my Guided Meditation for Active Mindsmeditation album

"Being able to live each day IBS symptom-free has been life changing and almost hard to grasp at times, because I feel like I am really back out in the world and able to enjoy each and every moment."
Kate S.
Veterinarian and #powerhouseIBSconqueror
"I am really grateful to Wendy, because not only has she relieved me from my pain and discomfort, she has also helped me maintain a healthy way of living. 

She's also very easy to talk to and has always put her clients first."
Samantha  B. 
Analyst and #powerhouseIBSconqueror
Why the self-study program?
Two reasons: 

The Conquer IBS, Reignite Your Life! coaching program has been extremely successful in helping clients recover from IBS. While I LOVE being able to share in your healing journey, I know that everyone learns differently and I want to offer an option for those who don't need the accountability of personalized coaching. 

I've carefully designed this program lesson-by-lesson to guide you from IBS-stuck all the way to IBS-free, so the self-study is also a great option for those who are committed to getting better but where the regular  program is not financially accessible. 

What's the difference between the self-study and the group coaching program?
The self-study gives you all the lessons, guidance and  self-trackers from the regular program and a Facebook community to interact with other self-study members,  but without live support from me (*unless offered in a bonus package*). The group program includes additional weekly Q&A calls, monthly private mentorship sessions, and email access that isn't available in the self-study.

Can I really bust my IBS without personalized coaching support?
You can, as long as you commit to completing the program. I know better than anyone that everyone's IBS is different, so I've designed this program to teach you everything you need to get better by helping you tune into your personal IBS story and your own health. You're the expert of your own body and intuitive healing is very much a part of your success, so the program guides you through this process.

Can I upgrade to receive additional support?
Absolutely. If you enrol in the self-study and decide you need more guidance, I'd be happy to welcome you into the group program and coach you through to success!

Is there a trial period?
No, there isn't. Healing is a process, and I've specifically designed this program to teach you all the tools you need to get better, one step at a time. Trialing the first few lessons won't give you enough to truly bust your IBS, which is the ultimate goal, right? 

What if I have more questions?
If you have more questions about the program, send us an email and we'll be happy to answer!
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