Recover from IBS and embrace your health in 2021!
IBS recovery designed for high-achieving nurturers, 
is available as a self-study.
2020 has been a challenge.

Especially if you're a high-achiever who loves plans and prides yourself on being in control – this year has been unpredictable.

Especially if you're a nurturer who supports those around you – this year everyone has needed more support.

If 2020 was a year of survival, is 2021 the year you reprioritize your health and self-care?
Let's get you on the right track toward IBS recovery and set you up for long-term health & wellness.
Wendy Leung, R.Ac., Holistic Health Mentor
(and high-achieving nurturer)
When I was diagnosed with IBS and GERD in university, I was told I'd have to live with them for life
But I knew intuitively that this was wrong.

I've now been completely IBS and GERD free for over 15 years, but not before going through a personal healing journey full of trial-and-error. 

As a Traditional Chinese holistic health expert, IBS is no longer a mystery to me.  I have so much knowledge now that I wish I'd known when I was struggling back then.

That's why I developed Conquer IBS: an IBS recovery roadmap for those who struggle like I used to.
It's a holistic approach that encompasses mental, emotional and physical healing, and it's designed with high-achieving nurturers in mind (because personalities like yours – and mine – are particularly IBS-prone!).

This is the best present
you can gift yourself.
No other program is this comprehensively holistic.
IBS is not just a digestive condition: From a Traditional Chinese Medical perspective, it's a combination of an already weak gut and mental/emotional strain. Without addressing both sides, IBS can never fully be put behind you. 

Conquer IBS is a step-by-step system for whole health recovery, addressing the mental, emotional and physical aspects of IBS and holistic healing.

This is the Conquer IBS recovery roadmap:
  • Module 0: Intention-Setting For Recovery Success
  • ​​Module 1: Understanding Your Symptoms And Calming Flareups
  • Module 2: Digestion And Eastern Nutrition
  • Module 3: Stress And Anxiety Resilience 
  • Module 4: Improving Restorative Sleep 
  • Module 5: Long-Term Self-Care For High-Achieving Nurturers
  • Module 6: Resilient Emotional Mindset
  • Module 7: Happiness, Fulfillment And Future Focus
This is the program structure:
  • Enrol in the 6-month self-study program
    Gain lifetime access to the program membership site.
  • ​Weekly video lessons and worksheets
    Over the next six months you get an email notification every week with access to a new video lesson and PDF worksheet. Each lesson is no more than 15 minutes long, and teaches you an essential tool to move you one step further toward IBS recovery.
  • Form new habits to support healing and long-term wellness
    There are recommended smartphone tools to help you easily integrate new habits into your daily routine, and lessons especially to help high-achieving nurturers evolve through personality tendencies (think: creating space for self-care, avoiding burnout, how to say no, protecting your energetic boundaries).
  • ​NO supplement, medication or additional external recommendations
    We are focused on holistic and intuitive healing so I recommend that you commit to this approach within the program rather than in combination with other things. 
Conquer IBS is not a symptom-management program: you are meant to restore your health.
Enrolment includes these bonuses:
  • ​BONUS #1: IBS Symptom Deep Dive 14-Day Course. A step-by-step guide on how to best use Wendy's IBS Symptom Tracker.
  • BONUS #2: IBS-SOS 5-Day Masterclass. Wendy's mindset masterclass to help you clear limiting beliefs around your health to set you up for recovery success.
  • BONUS #3: Self-Study Facebook Community. Have support and accountability with other self-study community members, and member access to Wendy's Facebook Lives.
  • ​BONUS #4: Guided Meditation for Active Minds. Wendy's guided meditation album recorded specifically for overactive minds. 
Conquer IBS success
"Being able to live each day IBS symptom-free has been life changing: I am really back out in the world and able to enjoy each and every moment. 

This program is absolutely amazing and Wendy is an incredible coach who truly cares."
Kate Shuster
Veterinarian, Nashville, USA
"I am experiencing not even a fraction of the amount of pain and bloating I was having when I first started the program! 

I feel like I am truly healing and living with less worry about IBS because I know it's not forever."
Savanah Encelewski
Folsom, California, USA
"I can’t believe how much I suffered in pain for so long and now it’s like it never happened. It’s so amazing: no constipation! Thank you so much for your work!"
Angel Eder
"I am really grateful to Wendy, because not only has she relieved me from my pain and discomfort, she has also helped me maintain a healthy way of living."
Samantha Santos 
Analyst, Toronto, Canada
"I truly believe in your program: thank you for all of your coaching. It has been immensely helpful."
Financial Consultant, Dallas, USA
"Already feeling such a difference makes me so happy and excited!"
Nicole Ranzolin
New South Wales, Australia
Ready to live IBS free too?
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if this program is right for me?
You're struggling with IBS (of course). 
Any form, whether IBS-C, -D, mixed or pain-predominant.

You trust in holistic mind-body health. 
You know your body can heal itself with the right steps and you're looking for a natural approach that includes physical, mental and emotional healing aspects.

You're a high-achiever. 
You've got high expectations for yourself and are usually calm under pressure but you often take on too much, get overwhelmed and burnt out...and that takes a toll on your health.

You're a nurturer. 
You're empathic, compassionate and the one everyone leans on for support. Whether in your field (therapist, teacher, etc) or as a friend or family member, you often have trouble saying no without feeling guilty and find yourself exhausted and unable to take care of yourself.

You're committed to your own success. 
You're ready right now to prioritize your health and self-care, and you'll put in the time and energy to achieve long-term success.

If this describes you, the program is designed especially for you.

What's the time commitment for this program?
Although you are learning about your health from a Traditional Chinese Medical perspective, the goal of this six-month program is to help you make gradual shifts in your routine, nutritional habits and lifestyle to support your IBS recovery and long-term mind-body health.

I designed this program for busy people (hello high-achieving nurturers): All weekly lessons are under 15 minutes, so the focus is on integrating new knowledge or tools into your routine. Expect a little post-lesson reflection time and up to an extra 30 minutes in the few weeks where you're setting up your trackers.

Think of this as a long-term investment in your health: you'll be applying the tools and techniques you learn to not only help support your IBS healing journey but also to restore balance in your daily life by reprioritizing your health and self-care on a regular basis.

What's the difference between the self-study and the mentorship program?
The self-study includes all the content: lessons, guidance, self-trackers and access to the self-study Facebook community to interact with other self-study members, without live support

The mentorship program includes monthly private mentorship sessions, and 6 months of email/voiceapp support that isn't available in the self-study.

Can I recover from IBS without personalized coaching support?
Yes, as long as you commit to completing the program. 

I know better than anyone that everyone's IBS is different, so I've designed this program to teach you everything you need to get better by helping you understand your personal IBS story and re-establish your own intuitive healing power. You're the expert of your own body and intuitive healing is very much a part of your success, so the program guides you through this process.

Can I upgrade to receive additional support?
Absolutely. If you enrol in the self-study and decide you need more guidance, you're welcome to join the mentorship program so I can personally support you through to success!

Is there a trial period?
No, there isn't. I've specifically designed this program as a holistic journey, helping you shift each aspect of your health that affects your IBS, one step at a time. Trialing the first few lessons won't get you the result: IBS recovery and long-term wellness. 

What if I have more questions?
If you have more questions about the program, send us an email and we'll be happy to answer.
Let's end your IBS in 2021!
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